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  • The rising of Sinvicta
  • Commander Keen Remastered
  • Journey of the fireflies

The rising of Sinvicta

A Roguelike Game almost like Binding of Isaac but as tribute to one of the best Isaac Players out there – Sinvicta (Youtuber)

Commander Keen Remastered

A remastered version of the classical Commander Keen Episode 1-6 & Dreams. Also a new episode will be added.

Journey of the Fireflies

You play as Yuki a small girl who wants to  free the  world from evil. Some mysterious evil got in the woods and bound all fireflies and effected the wildlife. You need to stop the evil from spreading and free all fireflies so they can help you clense the evil.

Who am I?

Lonesome hobby programmer

Rouven "Kajuby" Dahlen

I am a hobby programmer, who work on different projects. Currently my main focus lays in The rise of Sinvicta, a Binding of Isaac alike roguelike game in honor of one of the best Isaac players out there - Sinvicta

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