The rising of Sinvicta

Release v1.0



„One early morning little Sinvicta found a small portal.
He wondered what this thing would be and held his little hand
towards it. As he almost touched the portal he felt he
was being sucked into this thing. He struggled, fought and
screamed, but there was no escape as he watched in despair
as his skin was ripped from his body and sucked into the portal.
Followed by his muscles and intestines and his naked bones at last.

It was dark and he could not see, had this been a dream?
When he finally opened his eyes he saw he was in some kind
of room. When he looked down he noticed he had only his
bones left. Wheeeeeeooow… Here we go… He said.“


w, a, s, d – Up, Left, Down, Right
Arrow Keys – Fire in each direction
e – Place Bomb
Space – Use Space-Item

Tab – Show BigMap
-> MouseWheel – Zoom In/Out

How to start:

Start Launcher.exe, update if asked to and then click Play
when it says „Ready tp play!“

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